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11 Unlucky People Who Regretted Waiting Until Marriage For S3x

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S3x is a great thing to do and is quite important too, from the point of view of reproduction. Lets admit that s3x actually is an integral part of our lives. Even when we are not doing s3x, we keep thinking about it. However, it might be hard to believe that some people actually don’t have s3x before marriage. Yes, there are always exceptions.

Take a look at these 11 people who waited till marriage for s3x, and then regretted their decision.

1. Are you suggesting something here?

2. See, I told you it’s fun!

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3. Because the situation demands it

4. Takes courage to admit that!

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5. That happens to all of us. Right?

6. Here comes the another one

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7. Time to get a new husband

8. Every problem has a solution. So does this one! ;)

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9. Poor girl!

10. 6 years? That’s too much!

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11. See, there are all kinds of marriages!

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