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Warning: If You Find A Coin Jammed In Your Car Door, This Is What It Means

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6. Check before opening car door

From now on, you need to be extra careful when you open the car door. Want to know the reason? Keep on reading.

5. New method

Car thieves have come up with a new method to trick the lock system of your car, and you should be careful about that.

4. Placing quarters

A report published in the Q Political stated that nowadays, car thieves have come up with an unique way to fool the locking system. They are keeping quarters or pennies in the car door. The working mechanism has been explained next.

3. Be careful

The coin is place in the door before you leave for your office. In case you are not careful and fail to see it, their job will be done once you return home.

2. Obstructing the lock system

The coin comes in the way of the lock system, preventing it from working. Basically, the lock gets jammed and although you might think that it is locked, in reality that’s not true.

1. Stealing

Once that’s done, they can simply open the door in a couple of seconds and steal everything inside.

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