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Woman Stabbed Her Husband To Death Because He Wouldn’t Eat Her A$s

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Some people love to live dangerously, but killing someone just because he isn’t interested in eating your a$s is definitely a bit too extreme. Read on to know the full story.


Latoya Jones-Mendoza, a 34 year old woman living in New York stabbed her husband when he committed a small mistake and has hit the headlines since then. She stated that before their marriage, he use to eat his a$s every night, but he changed after marriage, he refused to do so despite knowing how much she loved it and she claims that this entire fault is her husband’s.


Jones took a knife to her husband’s girlfriend’s house, her reason being that he no longer ate her a$s and also had a new woman in his life.

She stabbed Jameel Mendoza, her husband after arriving at the house and he died instantly. He was taken to a local hospital after the police came, but the wounds were too severe.

She complained that he refused to eat her a$s but was joyfully consuming the groceries of the girlfriend, which made her furious and she stabbed him.


Shaquana Parker, the new girlfriend reported to TMZUNCUT that she actually could understand Jones’s feelings, considering that his a$s eating game was excellent, so naturally she was furious when he refused but killing him was just too much.

Jones’s trial is on 9th June, where A$sistant Public Defender Michael E. Benedict reported that Latoya has claimed that she will be prove that what she did was no crime and that she is innocent.

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