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7 Lies About S3X We Need to Stop Teaching Girls

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S3x is an important aspect of any relationship. In this modern age, no relationship can last if physical intimacy isn’t present in a relation. However, many females, even nowadays, aren’t taught properly how to embrace s3xuality, in fact, they are often taught lies which can ruin their s3x life in future.

S3x education only gives a concise version of the whole story – it focusses mainly on reproduction and contraception rather than any valuable lessons which can help them avoid various problems related to s3x in future.

Often, women are taught that first time s3x is painful, no s3x is allowed during periods and that women shouldn’t initiate s3x. These are all lies that need to be rectified. Moreover, we completely ignore transgender folks, lesbians, and gays.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 60% female students said that their s3x-ed education program included how to reject s3x, but they are hardly taught the more important details of s3x.

While s3x is something that both partners should enjoy, often lies can ruin the experience for both partners.

Read on to know about the top 7 lies that women shouldn’t be taught about s3x.

1. Girls shouldn’t buy condoms.

Buying condoms is a must to practice safe s3x and to prevent pregnancy (well, only if you don’t want a baby now). It is just preposterous to think that girls shouldn’t buy condoms, but rely on men to buy them. Girls shouldn’t depend on others for their protection; they can take the initiative too.
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2. Women don’t prefer having casual s3x

This is completely false; women love having s3x. In fact, in What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire, journalist Daniel Bergner reports that their desire isn’t linked to emotional feelings most of the times, which makes it clear that women can have emotionless relationships or just casual s3x. Studies have shown that the number of women having casual s3x is similar to that of men, if not more.

It is also seen that these claims have sprung up mainly because of social issues, with more recent generations, many problems related to gender differences have been solved. So ultimately, it means that a human being having casual s3x doesn’t depend on which gender it is, but rather upon the personal characteristics of the person. It is just impossible to characterize individuals in this way.

3. Women should never watch p0rn

Many girls hate p0rn, and that can be justified by the fact that p0rn can create false ideas regarding the female sexuality among people who watch p0rn regularly. According to Kinsey Institute’s Debby Herbenick, the main problem lies in the fact that most p0rn videos are directed by men and are created specifically for males.

However, the claim that women should never watch p0rn is completely irrational. Many women enjoy p0rn, and there are specific categories for that as well. Science has shown that women are also stimulated by watching p0rn material and that the increase in brainwave activity is no way less than that in men.
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4. S3x shouldn’t be done during periods

This is not true. However, if you think that you aren’t comfortable to have s3x when you are on your periods, there is no harm in that. But just know that if you plan to do so in the future, it is entirely safe and can provide several advantages such as improvement in menstrual cramps. Statistics show that women usually experience shorter periods if they remain busy during that time, although we don’t yet know the exact reason. We should warn you, though – you can get pregnant while you are on periods and can even spread STD, so condoms are a must.

5. Stretching due to excessive s3x

It is completely untrue; excessive s3x will never stretch the vag!na. Just as the size of peni!s differs from one man to another, the vag!na is different too. The vag!na stretches and becomes “loose” during s3x, but it is like a rubber band, so it returns to its initial size after intercourse.

Also, if you are giving birth, that will not cause any damage to the vag!na. Some women report that they feel different in their genital organs after giving birth, but they need to understand that it is normal, there are no flaws in that.
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6. Women needs to satisfy men at all costs during s3x

These claim had developed due to the initial days of civilization when gender inequality was at its zenith. Nowadays, this is no longer true, women and men should both have the responsibility of satisfying each other in bed. Besides, people need to grow out of the stereotype of “lazy lover.”

7. Girls shouldn’t complain about s3xual harassment.

This claim is extremely irritating, and it is hard to imagine that women are taught such things. Recent studies have revealed that many females believe that s3xual harassment is part and parcel of daily life. They have been brainwashed by the society into believing that there is nothing they can do or should do to prevent this. There is an urgent need to change this mindset.

S3xual harassment is a crime, and the age old excuse of “boys being boys” is complete nonsense and rather promotes gender inequality. Hence, s3xual harassment should be considered a serious crime in all parts of the world.
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