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6 Places Your Girlfriend Wants You to Kiss—Besides Her Lips

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Every man loves the luscious lips of his partner, but when you continue kissing the lips for a long period of time, it becomes boring especially when the two of you are having intercourse. Kissing is important in a relationship since it makes women feel special. It also helps strengthen the relationship and brings two partners closer. However, repeating the same thing everytime will become irritating at some point of time. It is necessary to come up with different ideas while love making. You should kiss in different places, and girls actually love that although they won’t show that. This article provides a list of top 6 places where girls desire to be kissed.

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1. Back

The origin of all nerves of the genital organs is the back. Hence, any stimulation in the back will make her more sensitive. You should not only kiss, but also massage gently to strengthen the bond you two share. This act actually make the woman feel sexier and you don’t have to work too hard as well.

2. Nape Of The Neck

This area is very sensitive and women love when you kiss here. So, lift her hair and kiss in that area till the collar bone. Remember to be gentle.
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3. Forehead

Kissing the forehead usually means that you care for her. This makes her emotions towards you even more strong. It isn’t necessary to do this in bed, but you can definitely kiss her forehead, maybe before leaving for work, to show how much you miss her and care for her. It is even better to first pull her towards and then put your hands around her neck and then kiss

4. Fingers

Our fingers are very sensitive due to numerous nerve endings in that region. That is why we can sense almost instantly if anything touches our fingers. Girls will understand what you desire when you being to suck and kiss their fingers. They actually enjoy this.
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5. Breast

There is actually a theory behind this. Kissing or sucking the breasts (actually sucking the nipples) leads to release of oxytocin hormones, which is also known as the “love” hormone. As the name suggests, this hormone can strengthen the bond that two partners share in a relationship. Besides, stimulation in that area makes the other regions of the body more sensitive as well.

6. Ears

Ears have several nerve endings which make it extra sensitive. Hence, licking and sucking the ear will make her feel loved. Also, sensitivity to auditory stimulation is high in that region. Thus, besides kissing, you can also whisper in her ears.
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