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10 Signs She is No Longer Into You

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Women can be very hard to understand. While they love expressing their feelings to their partners, they can’t understand how to tell their partners that the relationship won’t work.

We have often heard that when couples break, men and women take it differently. While the males report that it happened all of a sudden, that’s not really true for women. If they are the ones who initiated the breakup, then there are chances that she had started showing signs but you ignored them.

Knowing these sings is important, so that you can start preparing yourself for the worst. Here is a list of top ten signs that indicated that she is no longer interested in you. After reading this article, if you find that some of these apply to your life as well, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Relationships are difficult to handle, and ignoring the signs is an absolute blunder.

1. Not planning in advance

We all know that girls love planning in advance, sometimes for the next month or even the next few years. So, if you find that the woman who used to enjoy planning with you for the weekend or the next month, is no longer having fun planning, then there are chances that she is no longer into you. To be honest, if the girl still likes hanging around with you, she will definitely make plans and if she doesn’t anymore, then she is trying to maintain distance from you.

2. She Tries To Avoid Meeting You

You might have faced situations where while being in a relationship with a girl, everything seemed to be fine but suddenly she started avoiding you. You are really unfortunate if you had to face such a situation in the past since it can mess with the person’s emotions. It is actually painful when people avoid you for no reason whatsoever, because you start to imagine that you have some kind of a problem which caused this.

So if you ever have the feeling that your partner is avoid meeting you, that turns out to be true in most cases. Women don’t usually want to hurt someone’s feelings by being straightforward, avoiding someone indirectly means that she is no longer interested.
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3. No more sex

This is actually a very important sign. Women often associate emotions with sex. If you find that your partner who loved having intercourse with you no longer shows the same interest, and even worse, straight uprefuses to have sex, then there is ahigh chance that the relationship won’t last long. Sex is a big part of any relationship, and complete absence of it is a deal breaker in most cases.

4. Rarely replies to texts

Women love texting, everyone is aware of that. So if you find that your girl who used to text you earlier even at night, hardly responds to your messages now and maybe just sends a one line message, it probably means she is no longer into you. What this means is that she just answers you so that you don’t think she is rude but she does send you vague responses to indicate their feelings about you.
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5. Going out more

This is one of the most common signs that a girl isn’t interested. When most relationships get serious, you will not go out as much as you used to. Although there is a possibility, its very rare to find couples going to clubs together.

If you find that your girl is going out every weekend for a “girls night” and not inviting you, there is a high chance that she is no longer interested in you. Her life is becoming more private which is never a good thing. So sorry to break it to you but if you face such a situation, your relationship is bound to fail soon.

6. Selfies

Social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram have made maintaining relationships even more difficult. Girls often love to pose in certain positions or dresses which men think is for grabbing attention. However, these things should stop when she is in a relation. If you find that she is again posing selfies and pictures in dresses which you find are inappropriate, chances are she is trying to make you feel jealous and looking for other guys, so that you breakup with her.
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7. No more touching

Touching denotes a sexual connection betweentwo partners. Doesn’t matter whether it’s just a slight touch of arms, touch means that both partners are comfortable with each other. In fact, you will find that if a girl is interested in you, she will try to touch you often at various silly excuses.

If you find that she is trying to avoid you from touching her, then it is an indication that she is no longer emotionally connected. This is literally one of the most major issues of a relationship, and it is most likely that you two will breakup soon.

8. Always on the phone

Just to be clear, there is no harm when girls spend time on their phones even when they are with you. It is fine till you find that it is hampering the relation. Whenever you try to talk with her, she is busy on the phone and you guys can never have a serious conversation. Social media life is more important to her than the relation. It clearly indicates that she isn’t interested any more.
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9. Other guys

This is quite common, any girl trying to show that she isn’t interested will talk to you about other boys. She will say they are friends but you know very well that’s not the case. If the woman really loved you, she would never speak about other bouts in front of you. She will try to make you imagine her with others so that you breakup.

10. You just know

I believe that this is the most important sign. You just know that there is something wrong with the relationship. It might take some time to pinpoint what the problem actually is, but when you do, you need to take action. Many times, men just ignore the problem and ultimately it gets too late.

When you find that your girl isn’t into you anymore, then there is no point in continuing the relationship. The more time you two stay in the relation, the more difficult it will become during the breakup. So its just best that you two end it as soon as possible.
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