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9 Painful Stages Every Guy Goes Through After Break Up

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There are several articles on the Internet which discuss how girls feel after they go through a breakup or their partners cheat on them. But we never really look at the other direction – how men feel after a breakup. In most cases, people always sympathize with the girl, but the guy feels just as bad.
Many people have this false belief that men are resistant to feeling emotions and they just don’t care about breakups and move on with life immediately. That is not true, and here we discuss the top 9 stages that every man experiences after a breakup.


1. Disappointment and unhappiness

Breakups are heartbreaking for the guys as well. Men don’t display their emotions the way girls do in public, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel unhappy or disappointed after a breakup, you will be surprised to know that some men even start crying.

2. Thinking why these events only happen with them

After crying their hearts out for a few days, they start analyzing what went wrong and how much were they responsible for the breakup. Sometimes, they even start thinking that they should ask their ex-girlfriends to give them another chance but when they refuse, they get even more unhappy. [adinserter block=”16″]

3. Avoiding friends and family

At some point, they start avoiding their friends and family and prefer staying alone. This time can often last for even a few months, especially if the relationship ended all of a sudden. They always think that everything will be fine if they just apologize to their exes, but unfortunately, that hardly happens in reality.

4. Drinking is the solution to everything

Men often think that drinking is the answer to everything, and that is what happens during this time. They drink a lot during these time periods to escape the harsh reality. Alcohol helps them detach their minds from the breakup and just relax for the time being. [adinserter block=”16″]

5. Realization kicks in

Finally, after they have experienced all sorts of emotions and heartbreaks, they start accepting the truth. They realize that the relationship has ended and nothing will ever bring them back. And that is when they move on in their lives.

6. A new beginning

After the realization, they start deleting every memory that is associated with the past relationship. By getting rid of these memories, they try to forget their exes and the happy times they spend together. Otherwise, it becomes hard to move on. Sometimes, after failing to do this, men once again go back to the first stage, and this can continue a few times.
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7. Hang with friends

They now start socializing with their friends and start enjoying this new life. They often hang out with their best friends and go to parties and clubs and enjoy themselves to the fullest. By spending time with their friends, they also start forgetting about their exes.

8. They start searching again

Finally, they once again start searching for girls on social media and dating sites.They now accept that they have a new life ahead and start looking for a new partner.[adinserter block=”16″]

9. The perfect partner

Last but not the least, they again fall in love. There is an old saying that only after the destruction of something, can something useful be created. And this might be true in this case. You might have just found the perfect partner this time.
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