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Wife Refused To Pull The Plug On Her Husband… 3 Years Later, He Woke Up And Said 2 Words

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Imagine the following situation. You recently married your partner and both of you believe that you two are perfect for each other. The following seven months were the best months of your life and everything was great. But we all know that happiness can’t last forever. Your husband faces a severe accident and has to be put on life support. The doctors inform you despite their best efforts, there isn’t much hope left. [adinserter block=”16″]


Only after experiencing this situation can one understand how difficult and tough this situation is. Unfortunately for Danielle Davis, she was the victim of a similar situation. In July 2011, Danielle was called by doctors informing her that her partner, Matt, has met with a motorbike accident in Savannah, Georgia.Matt stayed on life support for the next three years, while remaining in a coma. Finally, his wife’s prayers were listened to and he woke up one day and told his wife two words – “I’m trying”.[adinserter block=”16″]


Matt, while moving towards on interstate, hit a vehicle which was parked in an illegal location, and since he was riding at a high speed, he was thrown off the bike. Several bones were broken, many organs suffered internal injuries and his brain too suffered badly. However, his wife, Danielle, never left his side. She was always there for him and prayed to God every day for his recovery. At one point of time, she was presented with an extremely difficult situation – Matt was not showing any signs of improvement, so doctors asked her whether she wanted to keep him on life support for a longer period of time or give up.  [adinserter block=”16″]


Danielle didn’t waste a second to take her decision – she believed that God will help them and she refused to pull the plug. Matt was moved from the hospital to Danielle’s mother’s home, located in North Carolina. Everyone took good care of him. Almost after waiting for 3 years, Matt finally woke up from the coma and uttered those two words to his wife. Matt is making excellent progress at the moment, which has shocked even the doctors who completely gave up hope. Matt is only alive today because his wife always believed in God and knew that her willpower will definitely bring him back. This is a true example of how faith can completely change your life and help you achieve something which everyone thought was impossible.


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