Sunday, December 10, 2023

Wife Finds Stranger’s Panties In Her Bedroom. What She Posts On Facebook Has Everyone Laughing!

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Recently, Corinna discovered a pair of woman’s underpants in her bedroom. The problem lies in the fact that these are not belong to her.
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She posted this comment with the picture of the panties on Facebook in a flea market group.
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3. I am sure that many people aren’t able to understand what the text says and so here is the translation –


No need to worry – I don’t yet know who you are nor what your name is. I just found your panties in my bedroom. I hope that you will come by soon to pick them up. I also hope that you preferred my design skills and how I have decorated my bedroom. It would be great if you come personally, since then you might receive a few excellent interior design tips from me as well. I was out for work last time you came so we couldn’t meet.

I am sure that you still remember clearly the location of my house ;)”
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. Well, it sucks that the husband cheated on her. But at least, she now has the evidence and after this text, I am sure that it won’t take long to find the woman since she would definitely love to get a few interior design tips from her!
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