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This 30-year-old Had Body Parts Removed To Look Like This. I Was Shocked By Her Transformation.

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1. Valeria Lykanova, a 30 year old woman from Ukraine, had several surgeries to change her appearance into one of her favourite toys. The picture below shows how she used to look in the past.

2. She actually had a brilliant physique. In fact, many women would love to have her figure. She was even awarded the “Miss World crown Diamond” once.

3. She was a student of architecture and was actually quite popular in college. Still it seemed as if there was something missing in her life. And that’s when she came up with an unusual plan – she decided to change her appearance into a Barbie.

4. To undergo this change, she had to go through countless surgeries. Some of her ribs had to be removed, her breasts were enlarged and plastic surgery changed her face to make her look like a living Barbie.

5. In some of her recent photos, its actually very difficult to distinguish her from a Barbie doll.

6. In several photos, she looks anorexic and often has to receive a lot of criticism from others since her waist is extremely thing, almost wasp like.

7. However, Valeria doesn’t pay much attention to this criticism. According to her, others are jealous of her and that’s why they say mean things about her. But the truth is some people are actually quite worried about her health.

8. Still, despite all this criticism, she has achieved what she dreamt of and has actually turned into a living Barbie!

9. Take a look at these before and after pictures of Valeria. Which one, according to you, is sexier?

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