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This Ship Was Deserted In The Ocean For Years, And What’s Hiding Inside Is Haunting

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We all know about the Titanic and how hundreds of passengers lost their lives when it sank. After this gruesome accident, engineers tried their best to make sure that such an incident doesn’t happen in the future. However, nothing is perfect in this world. This article describes the details of a ship which has been recently found after it sank in 2013. Read on to know more.


In 2013, the Costa Concordia started sailing from the town of Civitavecchia in Italy. The ship had 4,200 passengers on board. Everything was going fine but suddenly, the ship met with an accident. The ship sank, and in the process thousands lost their lives. The ship was recently discovered again after remaining under water for 3 years.


This theatre in the ship was one of the best of its times and was built to provide entertainment to the passengers during the journey.


It was quite surprisingly to find that the excellent artwork which used to hang in the halls of the ship are still intact and haven’t sustained any damage by the water.


By the wreckage in the command room, it can be assumed that there was a massive commotion between the captain and the crew regarding the high speed of the boat.


The condition of the room is a clear indication of how violent and chaotic the condition of the boat was when it started sinking.


One passenger who survived that accident reported that the atmosphere in the boat was similar to that of the Titanic. People were drinking and playing in the casino and dancing before the disaster.


This room is in the lower deck and sunlight hasn’t been in this room for several years.


The ship’s crew mainly used to work in these halls, but after staying under water for so many years has completely ruined them, they are now filled with mold and rust.


Since disaster struct the ship not long after they set sail, many of these beds actually have never been used.


There are numerous bags all over the hallway, which carry the memories of those unfortunate people who lost their lives during the accident. The photos of the disaster show that the wreckage caused was at the same level as that of the Titanic’s sinking.

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