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10 Surprising Vagina Facts Every Girl Must Know.

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Every human being should have a basic idea about how their body functions, especially women. The Vag!na is obviously capable of several things and every woman should know how it works and why it works that way. A woman enjoys intercourse due to the Vag!na, and obviously that is the reason why they get pregnant, leading to child birth.

So it is essential that you know how your body functions. This can prove to be extremely helpful, in fact it’s surprising how women just continue living without even knowing anything about periods or pregnancy. That is why this article is a list of the top 10 interesting facts about the Vag!na.

1. Some women don’t have a hymen from birth.

This is true and it’s completely natural to be born with no hymen. The hymen will be broken at some point of time, so it doesn’t really matter if it isn’t present. It doesn’t cause any medical complications as well.

2. There are over 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris.

The clitoris has almost 8000 nerve endings, which is almost double the number of nerve endings that a male penis has which is around 4000. This makes the clitoris one of the most sensitive body parts. [adinserter block=”16″]

3. The Vag!na can expand in size.

During intercourse, the Vag!na expands in size to allow the penis enter. However, this expansion is nothing compared to the one that happens during childbirth.

4. Vag!na can trap the male penis, albeit rarely.

This happens in rare cases, but it is definitely possible. After entering, the Vag!na might contract, thus trapping the male penis inside it. If you are one of those unfortunate guys, you need to call a doctor to remove it. [adinserter block=”16″]

5. Vag!na can automatically clean itself.

This is actually true, the Vag!na can clean itself automatically due to various mucous and sebaceous glands present inside it. As a result, you will rarely get any infection even if that part isn’t cleaned properly.

6. It is possible that a woman can never experience orgasm.

This is actually a medical condition and there are various reason behind this –a large Vag!nal opening or a small clitoris might make it close to impossible to simulate the clitoris, thus resulting in no orgasm.
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7. Weak uterus can slip down a Vag!na

Uterine prolapse is possible if the muscles which are holding the uterus become weak. Initially, the affected woman will feel as if something is descending when she coughs or sneezes but in the later stages, this structure will come near the Vag!na, and it has to be fixed through surgery.

8. Sex doesn’t loosen the Vag!na

This is a very popular myth, but it isn’t true –sex can never loosen your Vag!na. If you have sex often, it will probably increase the lubrication of Vag!na, but can’t loosen it. The Vag!na is like a rubber band, it can expand but always comes back to its original shape.
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9.pH of Vag!na and that of wine are almost same

Normally, the pH of wine ranges from 3 to 4, depending on the brand and that is approximately equal to that of the Vag!na.

10. You can judge your fertility by Vag!nal discharge.

During the ovulatory period which happens on the 14th day of the cycle, the Vag!nal discharge increases. If you notice this, you should know that for the next 3 or 4 days your fertility will be at its peak so if you are interested in getting pregnant, that will be the best time.
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