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17 Things Every Girl Has Done During Her Periods

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Periods are one of the worst nightmares of a girl. Every motnth, girls face enormous problems during their periods, which include extreme mood swings, immense pain etc. To combat these problems, we often try out innovative ways. Take a look at the top 16 things that are common during periods.

1.Keep your thighs together while going to the bathroom.

2. Ask someone nearby to check your back after coming back from the bathroom.

3. In case the inevitable happens, you want to be ready so just keep a jacket over the chair for safety.

4. Keep pads under your clothing; you never know when you might need more.

5. This is the most appropriate face when you keep standing for a long time.

6. You feel horrible when you wake up in the morning.

7. When you cough, you start thinking whether the inevitable has happened or not.

8. Holding back the sneeze or cough can result in something like this.

9. Asking for tampons at your office. Needless to say you have to be extra careful when you ask for one.

10. Making a pad from just toilet paper since you urgently need one and there is none left at home.

11. Keeping legs crossed to stop the bleeding, yet convincing everyone that you are extremely comfortable.

12. Unable to understand whether you have bled or it is just sweat.

13. You wear double snickers just in case, to reduce the damage that might be caused.

14. Peek down to check what you have done after you see the tissue.

15. Keeping a hot bottle under your clothes to ease the pain you have to go through every day.

16. Remain in bathroom for a long period of time because the blood just won’t flush in a single go.

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