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Hair-raising lawsuit as Boy sues parent for being born a redhead

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One of a parent’s worst nightmares probably came to pass when a redheaded teen launches a very unusual lawsuit against his parents. Apparently they should have prevented the boy’s birth because of the high probability that he would be born with red hair!


The lawsuit is a ‘Wrongful Life’ lawsuit, which claims that since his parents are both redhead, their children inheriting this unfortunate trait would be very likely. The teen, Liam Murphy, claims that his parents caused him ‘voluntary prejudice’ by bringing him into this world, knowingly cursing him to a life of pain and suffering. He demanded monetary compensation in the amount of $1.35 million for the suffering he now has to endure for his whole life as a ‘disabled’ person as well as a further $800 000 for loss of enjoyment of life.


The teen proclaimed that his life is a torture to the press outside the courthouse. He also claimed that people called him names like Carrottop, Ginger Freak, also saying that he has no soul or is now an endangered species. He continued that this is all his parents’ fault, that they knew that they were ‘offering him a life of misery.’


Liam’s lawyer, James Franklin O’Connor addressed the reporters that his client’s claim is considerably conservative given the situation and that he is confident about the upcoming trail. He stated that his client, Mr. Murphy was intentionally exposed to a life of rejection and bullying thanks to Murphy’s parents. He also shared that many scientific studies have proven that redheads suffer social difficulties and that these parents choosing to have Murphy, knowingly exposed him to the life of a redhead.


The parents have however a different perspective to everything. They claim that God gave their child red hair, not them and he should be happy to be alive. The boy’s father proclaimed that both he as well as his wife, Liam’s mother has read hair and that it never stopped them from happiness. He said that God created him the way he is, and he is not ashamed of God’s creation. The father did confess that Liam was bullied at school and that he and his wife tried to help Liam. He continued that the lawyer convinced their son that it is their, the parents’ fault that he get picked on and that it is ridiculous because the parent has done nothing wrong! He stated that he is an electrician and his wife a hairdresser and wondered how it was expected of them to find two million dollars?


It is interesting to note that in the past few years ‘Wrongful Life’ lawsuits have generated compensation in the amount of up to $20 millions for some children. Among these were plaintiffs born with heavy disabilities or debilitating diseases. This case where a claim is filed regarding a physical trait is a first and could be a legal blueprint for future cases of this nature.


According to a study done at University College Cork in 2014, it has been proven that redheads are more likely to be bullied than others and the conclusion was that the bullying of reds id one of the last socially forms of prejudice against people born with a certain trait. A staggering 60% of males questioned, and 47.3 of the females confirmed that they have suffered some sort of discrimination in the past, just because of their hair colour. And to add to it, even Prince Harry of Britain admitted to CBS in 2014 that he has been bullied on a regular basis because of his hair and sought counseling about it.

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