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25 Celebrities That You Forgot Committed Horrible Crimes

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Stardom doesn’t leave obliterate the crimes and sins of the past. As they say, enlightenment scares away the darkness and murk; it also throws the light on the dark sides of the life and the contentious past. The public eye scrutinizes every move and stardom invites as much wrath as it invites the praise and love. For the fans and lovers of the artist, overlooking the disputable by-gone seems to be comprehensible, but the controversies and crimes did by them don’t get erased. They just get buried over lumps of their achievements and accolades forgotten but not erased. Today we will get through the list of twenty three crimes of the persons who have enjoyed stardoms and risen to apex of glory and fame. In many interviews conducted, people said that Paul Toland lawyers provides help with drug crimes

Robert Downey Jr:

The Iron man has been an inspiration to teens, kids as well as the people who have come across the age. With his immaculate acting talents he shattered the box office of Hollywood movies. The iron man was not so robust when it came to smack and coke. Yes! When was just eight years old, he was convicted of possession of drugs like cocaine, heroin. Since then, he been under relentless trial regarding the the crack but he is not to be blamed completely as he cites his dad to be indulging him into the crime since he was a toddler. Rest assured of this, he has mesmerized us with his superior acting skills and garnering critical acclaim all across the globe.

Mark Wahlberg:

Mark had been a victim and user of substance abuse since the age of thirteen years. His enslavement to cocaine, spewing racial remarks to African children and his brawl against Vietnamese men has rolled in headlines more than he would have liked. He has been the perpetrator of his idiosyncrasy and impulsiveness as a result of which he had suffered much defamation. His remarks against the Vietnamese landed him in prison that night as he was charged with vituperating racial remarks against them. He was charged with the case of attempted murder. After his bail out, he looked forward to change his attitude towards positivity.[adinserter block=”16″]

Mike Tyson:

When it comes to wrestlers and boxers, they leave behind a legacy for their fans, aspiring boxers and wrestlers. Attaining a supreme position in society, a sportsman is highly respected and adored. A legend never wants to leave behind any blemishes in his career and doesn’t want to encourage his successors to be rapists apart from knocking the teeth out their opponents in the ring. Mike Tyson, though had something else in his mind. Making a huge name as a boxer, his career was blemished by the rape charges back in 1991. After raping the eighteen year old in the hotel, Tyson had to face severe consequences as he was imprisoned for six years leading to his break from boxing career. During his imprisonment, Tyson went through the religion conversion, thus taking up to Islam as his religion. He has become the tier 2 sex offender under law. In such a wonderful career, this could be the worst accusation that one could receive which reduced the fan following and also was put in bad light, due to his own miscreant deeds. He was set loose from the prison on March 1995. After the return, he did not back down as he proceeded with beating the boxers, but the sin will never be erased in spite of his excellent achievements inside the ring.

Mickey Rourke:

The talented actor and boxer had come under the spotlight as he was accused of abusing his wife. He had been a part of numerous relationships and this multi-talented bloke got speared in by the accusations of spouse abuse. His erratic side is long known when he threatened Carre Otis to commit hara-kiri if she rejected his proposal. She discovered a .357 Magnum with her ex-husband and it was a sign of alarm for her. They eventually separated and reunited, but that doesn’t change the stains on the talented boxer.[adinserter block=”16″]

Christian Slater:

Call him the bad guy or the mischievous one. Having committed too many crimes to be written about, some of his most notorious activities are boozed up and driving and then assaulting, taking up the loaded rifle into the commercial flight, making Michelle Jonas the victim of his assault and torture, harassing women sexually and many more.

Lindsay Lohan:

The actress has been more in the limelight for her feuds against the law than for her profession and professional acclaim. Call her the brat in your neighbor who pelts boulders to destroy the gorgeous window glass or the silent law breaker who takes the cynical pleasure in gesturing her middle finger to the law officials! Making her the top listed celebrity who is more so because of her feud with law and less for her work, she must be remembered as the part-time actor and the daytime smoking gun in the neighborhood. Driving under cocaine or with the expired license, trying her fist at boxing by knocking down a cold blooded clenched fist on a woman, robbing the $2,500 necklace and the list continues. Why LL, why?[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

Charlie Sheen:

Charlie Sheen was accused of harassing his wife and abusing her. Brooke Mueller, his third wife, claimed that he tried to harm her and using the shining knife close to her throat after pinning her down on the bed. The actor was on denial and admitted about the domestic holocaust but denying that anything close to violence occurred-except damaging her pair of glasses.

Woody Harrelson:

So what if we can’t buy it, we can grow it! Woody Harrelson took this very gravely as he wanted to be the next big Gaviria in his backyard. Oh Yes! The actor planted the identical twin of Marijuna in his backyard and it was not much late that Hemp garden could be a secret to the FBI. He was arrested for his misconduct. It was not the first time that his shoulders brushed with law. Back in 1982, he was charged of misconduct as he showed his unwelcoming dance skills on the streets.
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Ozzy Osbourne:

As he urinated on the Cenotaphs , he was charged with the ban for entering San Antonio for ten years. He had been the troubled guy with the drugs and booze problem. Nature’s call in a deserted land in the afternoon and he attracted the ten year ban! When the Sun is high and the nature gives a call at such a place-Dude, the universe has conspired against you!

R Kelly:

Sex crimes and R Kelly are tied up since a long time. His crimes and despotism against the women-actually his victims were girls under 18 years old, has made him an infamous person. Not being able to control his fame and status, his actions spilled the robe of shame over his works. Making minors as victims of his sexual escapades, R Kelly has brought shame and disdain to himself. [adinserter block=”16″]

Jay Z:

The hip-hop maestro was also in the news for his misconduct. He tried to murder Lance Rivera by using the commotion as his cover up. He surrendered himself and was under probation for three years. He described about the incident in his book ‘Decoded’ where he admits of his misconduct and oaths to never get involved in such acts again.

Bill Gates:

The list is filled with actors, musician and directors. It’s time to open the account of architects of the modern software giant-Microsoft. Driving without a license in the streets is not a right adventure and Mr. Gates would have learnt it early in his life, before the fame lightning struck him. Other than driving without a license and over speeding, there was no such offence that can be related to Mr. Gates.
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O.J Simpson:

O J Simpson has had a list of crimes to show. “The Juice” used to be the American football player. His hands are stained with the blood of Nicole Brown Simpson and her amigo Ronald Goldman. He is also charged for not being a regular tax payer and owes as much as $1.44 million, thus receiving a tax lien. “The Juice” was also involved in burglary as he was caught for the robbery of Las Vegas casino, where he had intentions to rob his things back from the casino. He was arrested.

Hugh Grant:

The recipient of the prestigious Golden Globe award was spotted engaging in oral sex with a prostitute in public. As they say, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, Hugh Grant learnt it that way. Getting arrested in Los Angeles, California after involving with Divine Brown in the “no-no” act in public, financial loss of $1,180 and earned probation of two years. After the release he was appreciated for his stimulating honesty and eating the humble pie. He was ordered to enroll in AIDS lessons and awareness followed by the arrest. He boldly admitted that his actions were not right which earned him respect for his modesty.
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Martha Stewart:

Conspiracy and clandestine information about the plummeting of the market, though saved her from the huge loss that she would have suffered after the 16% drop in market, it could not save her from the five months of jail and a house arrest of two years. Withdrawing her shares from ImClone system saved her from financial loss but made her a criminal, nonetheless.

50 Cent:

Crack and Heoine were found from the house of 50 Cent three weeks after he tried to sell the drugs to undercover officer in 1994. He was sent to jail twice which he used for his better to earn a diploma course.[adinserter block=”16″]

Lil’ Kim:

Lil’ Kim did not say the truth when she was enquired about one of her friends during an investigation on a murder case. This led her to serving in jail and paying a minimal fine of $50,000 which is a meager penalty if set side by side with the twenty year imprisonment which she was liable to receive.

Matthew McConaughey:

The next time you are high, make sure that your neighbors are out on a vacation-long vacation! This is something that the actor failed to note as his blood was poured with marijuana and his senses with ecstasy. His neighbors called the cops after the noise became unbearable and say what-Cops found him dancing; high on Marijuana and other drugs surrounding him-NAKED! He must have imagined them as the audience applauding the show, but their neighbors did not like it much. Later he was arrested as the cops failed to produce a search warrant when they arrested him.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

Wesley Snipes:

Don’t try to fool the tax department as they will scuff your neck and put you behind the bars. Sinpes ended up in prison by hoaxing the tax department. He served imprisonment for three years as he willfully kept the tax to himself.

Kobe Bryant:

Kobe was put behind the bars after he was charged with the crime of raping the employee of the hotel that he was staying in. He admitted to the crime, but his side of the story marked it as a consensual act. It was the wrong basket, Kobe! It led him to losing the endorsement contracts with McDonnald’s and Nutella. Finally the case was settle outside the court, but it tainted the reputation of Kobe Bryant.[adinserter block=”16″]

Tim Allen:

Tim Allen Dick, before hitting the silver screen was arrested for possession of prohibited substance. He was charged for drug trafficking and was caught red handedly with as much as 650 grams of crack. He admitted his fault and served sixteen months in jail, as compared to life imprisonment.

Sid Vicious:

It has been a long time since names had been so meaningful-Vicious! Sid was charged of murdering his own beloved by viciously stabbing her. Nancy died in the year 1978. Later, Sid confessed his malfeasance but also added tha he did not mean to stab her. As Karma had its way of judgment, he died of drug overdose while he was out on warranty. He never had the chance to face the trial.[adinserter block=”16″]

Will Smith:

Will Smith had to spend a night in jail after he and his gang bet up a guy to the extent of almost making him blind. He discovered that particular night to be a nightmare. On 13/4/2016, a handgun which was loaded fully was discovered in his vehicle.


Love for your son was well misunderstood by Mr. Combs. His son, Justin Combs plays for the UCLA Bruins. He was accused and arrested for the attacking the coach with a deadly weapon.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

Justin Bieber:

Bieber was arrested when he was caught doing drag racing in his yellow Lamborghini. Few months later, he criminally assaulted a limousine driver. Other cases against him include driving when drunk, not co-operating with officials while arresting him and not using a valid license.
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