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Husband Finds Wife In Baby’s Crib, Then Realizes The Stunning Reason She Climbed In…

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1. Why Do Babies Cry?

Do you know why babies cry? The real reason is quite different than what you arethinking. Most people think that babies cry only when they need something but that isn’t true. Similarly, at times even though they might need attention, they won’t cry.

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2. Dayna

Dayna has become a mother recently and she posted a picture on social networking sites of her sleeping in the same crib with her baby. Although she came to her baby when she was crying thinking that she needed something, the actual story turned out to be quite different.

3. Dayna Made A Promise To Her Baby

Dayna made a promise to her baby, Luella when she was born. She promised that no matter what situation she was in, she would always come to her whenever she needed her mother. But do you know why she made this promise?

4. A Speech Given By A Missionary

After Luella’s birth, Dayna went to hear a speech given by a missionary, who used to work in an orphanage. When he used to work in the orphanage, he noticed some strange events which were stunning, to say the least.

5. Silent babies

All the babies in the orphanage were silent. The main reason why the babies were silent is actually shocking. The missionary explained that although babies can’t talk after they are born, they can still sense the environment. After a while of crying, they know that no one will ever come to help them meet their needs and so they just stop crying. This had a profound effect on Dayna.

6. Dayna became a completely different mother

Dayna felt as if she had been reborn as a new mother. That speech changed her thoughts about babies and motherhood. She promised that she would always come to her baby whenever she would cry.

7. Children Are Precious

We all know that children are precious. In fact, the first few years of their lives are critical since their future lives depend a lot on these few years. Many people believe that the difference between a murderer and a successful person occurs due to the different ways of growing up in those few years.

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