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Guy Texts His Ex Only To Have Her New Boyfriend Respond. What Follows Is Something No Boyfriend Ever Wants To Hear!

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#1 Never. Text. an Ex.

Especially if you are drunk. If you aren’t drunk, it may just be a good idea. But NEVER when you are drunk.

#2 Like Drake Says: Text Her First

But in some cases, as you will see, this rule just DOES NOT apply.

#3 Like This Guy

What could possibly be important enough to disturb an ex at 2 in the morning. You still love her?

#4 Oh. Shit.

This guy was thinking the same thing: thirsty ex. The news was more sobering than he ever could have imagined.

#5 Worst text a man could ever receive?

We can only assume that whatever she’s got, he’s now got. Which apparently includes HIV. Hey, look at Magic. There’s hope….

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