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This Is Why You Should Not Actually Shave Your Private Hair

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Have you ever thought whether shaving pub!c hair is the right thing to do? You probably want to stay clean and neat but are there any negative effects to shaving?

Let’s first learn what are the some of the primary advantages and disadvantages of having public hair.

1. People start growing pub!c hair after reaching puberty.

Height increases, there is a change in voice and hair starts growing in various places, along with the genital areas.

2. The main question is whether one should shave them or not.

Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with looking clean and neat always, hence they shave their pub!c hair. But is that the right decision?

3. Let’s go back in time.

In the Stone ages, humans had a lot of hair, and only after approximately 1,00,000 years after the last ice age, it has reduced.

4. The theory about growth of pubic hair.

One of the leading theories about the growth of pub!c hair is that it shows that one is ready for sexual experiences. Another advantage is that the hair reduces friction during sex.

5. Sweat is also involved.

There are two types of sweat glands in our bodies – the eccrine gland which produces odourless salt and water, and the apocrine gland, which is located in the armpit and near the public areas.

6. And then there’s the apocrine gland

This gland released fluids which contain proteins, lipids and pheromones. They start releasing odour once bacteria breaks them down.

7. We probably evolved to keep our armpit and pubic hair.

Because we have these hairs, the pheromones can be released toward potential mates. This is probably why women release various pheromones during ovulation.

8. Disadvantages of shaving

A recent study was conducted with 1000 students, where everyone shaved their pub!c hairs. It was found that among those 1000 students, almost 75% suffered from some sort of itchiness, while 40% faced rashes.

9. Red bumps

Shaving the hairs can result in the inward growth of hair, causing raised red bumps.
Although an advantage of shaving is reducing the intensity of public lice.

10. Shaving can also cause abrasions and even STDs.

Shaving pub!c hair can lead to abrasions on the skin, which increases the risk of infection and STD transmissions

11. Direct correlations.

Some people believe that risk of diseases like chlamydia, HPV infections, and gonorrhoea increases by a huge margin if pub!c hair is shaved.
Hence, one can conclude that its best not to shave the hair and keep it as it is.

12. Check this video below to know more.

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