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These Are Legitimately The Dumbest People Ever

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1. Now.. What’s this?

One of the finest college life hacks. You know what? It ‘ll definitely work

2. You need to understand the importance of punctuations

Some people just move on without a break. They even didn’t stop for placing commas. *Lol*

3. A unique Limos

Limos can be a good excuse to play utmost teeter totter.

4. OMG! This is scary

Her hands can be used as a good opportunity to petrify few small children.

5. The overdose of boozing, I wonder

A vehicle stuck badly in such a condition can only be possible if the driver was blind or it was his hangover driving.

6. Ouch. The cat jumped at a wrong place

No-No, don’t you think that it would go down and harm him.

7. The best natural selection in action

A trampoline kept on a 6-storey roof deck and the person performed over it. Though he died but his image and video gained 14,000,000 views on YouTube.

8. How about Seagulls?

Seagulls aren’t an aggressive bird but why to take the risk. This man scared the $hit out of a vuvuzela.

9. A man with his unicycle

Now I got all answers to my childhood questions. The car wash literally saved us and grabbed the boy.

10. Your parents still appreciate you regardless of the silly incidents

I am certainly sure that your parents pat your head and still call you smart, no matter how stupid you act at times.

11. I guess, her husband was HIGH

She asked her husband to hang their bathroom glass but I don’t think the task got accomplished.

12. A big time failure of husband

This will probably make you think twice before choosing a mate for lifetime.

13. Awe, poor lady needs a help!!

Look, now who is demanding a help from a human. Admit it!

14. Sweat, all around

This is a big nightclub fail, I can see boys sweating.

15. Worst school picture

This funny haircut may make you remind of those friends who did their hair like this ..once.

16. Get plaque off your privates

With bleary-eye, Colgate and cortisone may get intermixed. Hence for those rare times, prevent your teeth from itching and get plaque off from your assets.Source

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