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Breaking in to Michael Jackson’s house and Found Something Amazing!

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The Neverland Ranch was closed by police raids because of Child Molestation accusations. All of this had surprised everyone including Michael who felt the innocence of the place was now lost, so he left the house, which to this day is still on the Estate Market. Four friends and neighbors decided to commit break in and entering and what they found will surprise everyone.

1. Friends

Since the house has been empty for so many years, it is no surprise it has become quite creepy. Considering there isn’t even any electricity. The bill has not been paid after they researched the houses paperwork. Nothing else they found was expected, though.

2. Explorers

The group who went to explore the house and take photos do this quite often. Breaking into malls or schools that have been abandoned as they are. But even still, this is the first house and residence they broke into for some adventure.[adinserter block=”16″]

3. Sneaking

The group was extremely careful to successfully sneak past one security guard that patrolled the property. Other than that, there was nobody else around. The creepy thing they had discovered was this logo of a child in pajamas, and there were a few of them all around the house. And some were quite big as well.

4. Fan Mail

Funnily enough, they found some of Michaels fan mail which was lying exactly where he had left it. Directly on top of the pile, is the picture of the attorney that was on the prosecuting side trying to get Mr. Jackson convicted of child molestation. As you can see, Michael didn’t seem to like him much with those devil horns drawn on his head. [adinserter block=”16″]

5. Art

Apparently, the house was filled with the weirdest and creepiest artworks on the walls like this one, Michael leading a lot of children. There were strange paintings all over that contained children.

6. Door Knocker

This is a door knocker, with the kid’s fashioned faces, almost about to kiss. This is super weird. Considering that everything seemed to theme using children as the subjects. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

7. The Property

The house and the entire property was ginormous. They didn’t even get time to explore the petting zoo. And through their journey, they were surprised to see that the house and everything were in great shape like it was being cleaned regularly. The house was big and contained about ten bedrooms. Which strangely had two locked doors to bedrooms.

8. The Logo

As you can see here, the logo is on everything in the house, and these are bumper cars. So it was meant to be a place for children. Creepy isn’t it.[adinserter block=”16″]

9. Valuables

The house was mostly left as is after the police raids, which means it is still full of Michaels possessions; priceless and all.

10. Toys

This house was built for children. There were all kinds of toys found all over the property. It Is always interesting to see a weird piece of history like this. The clock you see here is on the point where the electricity was cut. Pretty much preserved as is.[adinserter block=”16″]

11. Sculptures

The house also had strange sculptures like these around, all of the children. Being well preserved, this house is super creepy. Being abandoned as was, you could see regular household things, left as they are such as a change on a table. The group that broke into the property did very illegal act that invaded the privacy of Michael’s family, but this was one opportunity of a lifetime.
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