Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Smart Phones, Dumb People! 7 Cheaters Caught Red-Handed!

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1. Mutually Assured Destruction!

2. It Can Be For A Sore Throat, Or So I’ve Heard!

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3. Gotta Keep Those ‘J’s’ Organized!

4. Got Mom Right Where I Want Her…Not Where Dad Wants Her Though

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5. No One Can Be This Dumb

6. No More Than TWO People Can Be This Dumb…

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7. I’m Not Going To Stoop And Make The ‘Peter’ Joke Here, Make It Yourself!

8. Twice The Fail, Twice The Price!

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9. Amanda Knows How To Play The Game

10. How Does This Keep Happening?

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11. Working That Overtime

12. My Personal Favorite!

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