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Concerned Parents Take Their Baby to the Hospital. They Can’t Believe What Comes Out of Her Neck

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#1 OMG

New mother Emma Whittington was rightfully concerned when she noticed a growing lump on her 7 month old daughter Mya’s neck.


Emma called her husband at work in a panic. After discussing the matter, the two decided that it could be a swollen gland and could improve by the morning. They decided to wait.


The next day, the mass had grown and Mya was visibly in great pain. After taking her to the hospital, doctors were concerned, but convinced that it was a localized infection. They attempted to drain it with no success. Shortly after, a small white object began to emerge, so the nurse began to pull…

#4 IT’S A WHAT?!?

What came out was simply shocking. Mya produced a short, black feather! It seems that at some point, she swallowed the feather and, being unable to fully consume it, her body simply pushed it out through her neck! OUCH!

#5 WHEW!

Today Mya is fine and her parents are relieved that it wasn’t something more serious. Who knows how she got her hands on a feather!

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