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17 Things Only Guys Can Understand

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There has always been a war between men and women! Two different breeds of human beings. Our bodes work differently as well as our minds. Men are always trying to figure out how women are so complicated and how to keep them happy. And women are always confused at how simple minded men can be. But now, beyond that, there are things a woman will never understand about a man. Things a woman can’t even comprehend. Things women have never actually pondered about. So read on if you are a girl to actually try to figure out men and why their lives are so simple.

1. Broken Badly.

2. Bang bang say bangetti bang say bang bang bang.

3. This fluctuates according to the nation.

4. Every time.

5. Yeah, I can do this pretty well.

6. Every man ever.

7. I can’t wait.

8. I can dump, leak, wank. What else do we need?

9. Of course look at them jugs!

10. Klu Klothes Klan?

11. This is pretty Russian really.

12. Yeah, that’s how we roll.

13. Because the clutch isn’t really important to her.

14. The only one that matters.

15. Seriously, it helps.

16. There’s a difference in the modus operandi you see.

17. With those angry Superman eyes.

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