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10 Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Every Girl Should Know

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There is no doubt about the fact that breast cancer is an extremely dangerous disease. However, there are several misconceptions about this women among most women all over the world which need to be rectified. For example, most women believe that only specialized doctors can diagnose breast cancer. Often, we get afraid when we have an abrupt pain in the chest and immediately consult a doctor fearing that we might have breast cancer. We spend lots of money for countless number of tests only to find out that it was a normal muscle pain, you can check here more information.

The irony is that if your breast cancer is in its early stage, machines won’t be able to detect it. Hence, spending so much money for tests is of no use. Instead, if you do have breast cancer, there will be certain symptoms in your body which you need to notice. Once you find these symptoms appearing in your body, you can consult a doctor for verification and breast cancer treatment.

Check out the article below to find out the top 10 symptoms of breast cancer that you should be aware of.

1. Swelling or lump in the armpit along with immense pain

2. Sudden change in shape and size of the breasts

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3. Any kind of unexpected discharge from the nipple

4. Swelling or redness of the breasts all of a sudden

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5. Pain near the neck as well as the shoulder areas

6. Pain in the breasts for no apparent reason

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7. Itching in areas on or near the breast

8. Nipples becoming more sensitive

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9. Any kind of rashes or scaly linings on the nipple

10. Indentation or flattening of the breasts

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